Holesale is consistently one of the most active pvp groups in wormhole space.
We live in a Class 4 wormhole with C5 and C6 statics.
Our primary focus is WH PvP, but we are also interested in side activities such as k-space/pochven roams, farmholes, evictions, etc…
We are currently recruiting new members. Wormhole experience preferred, but not required.

Devoted Bob believers - Purging heretics from the holy domain of Bob.

Join us and experience the full might of the lobster - Tired of known-space?
Try the soothing sound of no local and the thrill of stalking the crap out of people.
Need guidance? Enjoy the spiritual uplift of bob’s holy land, with a group of devoted believers in thy lord of J-space.

Do you want to apply?
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Holesale Operations

What we can offer you.

  • Well established group in wormhole space
  • Experienced leadership with support offered by WH Veterans
  • Make iskies by hunting, find something to kill, call friends, loot goes to you
  • Multiple isk printing opportunities in home + Corp buyback
  • Amazing home system for planetary interaction
  • “Asset Safety” offered via safelog freighters available for corp member use
  • Manufacturing and industry facilities at our home
  • Bunch of amazing lobsters to play with

What we require.

  • English speaking, On TS3 when online
  • Full ESI for ALL characters
  • 20 mil SP (Flexible, you need to be familiar with the game)
  • Willingness to scan, teamplay and activity, PvP focused player
  • (We use Discord for pings, Tripwire as mapper)